About Me

My name is John Roper, and I am a computer scientist and organist. I started Plenum Organs to design unique digital and digital-hybrid pipe organs with history and quality at a resonable price.

Knowing the Industry

Looking around at the current state of the digital pipe organ industry, I see many problems. Developers of these instruments spend more time trying to make money than trying to build a quality product. My instruments have output of a higher caliber at lower prices because I don't mark-up my materials. If you are going to buy a digital pipe organ, don't settle for anything but the best quality.

I have had five years of part-time experience doing visual effects and computer development for television, and have had the great opportunity to work on shows such as Amazon's Man In the High Castle. On the other side of things, I am a studying organist with a great love of music. I decided to join my interests in computer science and music to start building these digital pipe organs. I have a lot of knoweldge about how to build these instruments as well as how to configure them for a specific space, so I hope you will be wiling to work with me to put together a great instrument for your institution.

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