Reuter 47 Drawknob Console

# of Drawknobs 47
# of Manuals 3
Price $3,000

This three manual Reuter console is in beautiful condition. It will be upgraded to solid-state stops, pistons, and tilting tablets.

A new Opus II combination action will be installed with 250 memory levels and record/playback functionality.

Full console view

There are 6 general combination action pistons and 5 divisional pistons per manual/pedal. The console has 15 inter-divisional couplers on the tilting tablets, and a full set of couplers on each of the manual divisons.

The pedalboard is AGO spec, and there are 14 toe pistons. Additionally, there are two expression pedals and one cresendo pedal, all individually mappable to whatever you would like.


Tilting tablets

Nameplate and power buttons

Toe pistons

General pistons

Divisional pistons

Pedal pistons