Digital and hybrid pipe organs built with history and quality distinction.

What I Do

I restore old consoles into state-of-the-art digital organs with the best sound heard anywhere.

Build Quality

I use consoles from reputable builders that are restored and upgraded to continue working for years to come.


Use of restored consoles means that you get an instrument ($55k+ from another builder) for $15k to $50k.


I primarly use speakers and amplifiers from Walker Technical, the premier builder of audio systems for digital organs around the world.


Due to the fact that all my instruments are industry standard, I am not the only one who will know how to service your instrument in case of an issue.


Unlike other builders, my digital organs start with 9 channels and go up from there, even for the smallest instruments. My average 3 manual instrument has between 14 and 28 channels.


I can customize your console and audio system with any changes you may want. Uniquely, I can configure a console to output to the audio system of a digital organ by another builder.

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