The Plenum Organ Engine is a brand new digital organ tone generation system tailored specifically for stable installations with the goal of having the most realistic audio quality available anywhere in the digital organ market.

The Physical Pipe Organ Made Digital

A pipe organ is a very complex instrument with many moving parts. It takes up space, it moves air, and its sound is multidirectional. Each and every part of the pipe organ has its own unique sound, and each of those parts does not speak the same way every time. The Plenum Organ Engine attempts to replicate this with the higest fidelity. My sampling and channel mapping methods mean that you get more variation of sound, and better placement of where the sound originates from. Each instrument built using the Plenum Organ Engine is unique and is built and voiced to precisely fit in the space in which it is installed.

What Can It Do?

The following is a list of the major features of the Plenum Organ Engine:

  • Wind Simulation
  • Multiple Attack and Release Variations
  • Mechanical Sounds
  • Complex Channel Mapping
  • Intuitive Voicing Tools
  • Adjustable Tremulants
  • Support for Hybrid Pipe Ranks
  • Automatic Temperature-Based Tuning
  • Expression Matching

What It Isn't

The Plenum Organ Engine never tries to do more than a physical pipe organ can do. My system does not have support for things like multiple temperaments, artifical reverb, or multiple stoplists because these things would never be possible on a physical pipe organ. The goal of my engine is to give the user no indication that they are playing a digital pipe organ. Instad of adding these gimics, I prioritize the quality of sound.

Can I Hear It?

Yes! Below, you can listen to a few examples of the Plenum Organ Engine. Development continues all of the time and I am constantly refining my tone generation, sampling, and channel mapping methods. Updated sound demos will be put here when they are released. Please listen and enjoy!

Forchhammer Little Fugue in C
J.S. Bach Komm Heiliger Geist
J.S. Bach Prelude