Introducing the Future of Digital and Digital-Hybrid Pipe Organs.

What We Do

Based upon thousands of hours of research and development, the Plenum Organ Engine is the most realistic digital organ system available today.


Reproducing pipe organ tone takes passion and a deep understanding of the instrument and its varied uses in multiple settings. Plenum engineers have designed and implemented new frameworks and algorithms to accurately emulate the intricacies of every part of the pipe organ. Whether it be our use of multiple attack and release samples for every note of every rank, or our attention to detail in audio mapping or winding simulation, our realism is so great that the organist will have no idea that they are playing a digital instrument.

Build Quality

Each Plenum instrument is designed to be unique. The stoplist, audio layout, and console specifications are taylored to each individual installation. Once a stoplist is agreed upon, if we do not have a suitable rank in our sample library, new samples are procured. For standalone instruments, we always attempt to have at least one new set of samples for each instrument. This allows us the flexibility to provide each installation with a signature sound of its own, fitting the personality and musical stylings of the space. The console and control system of each instrument are both industry-standard and are of the highest quality. We can fulfill tonal and console design requirements for any venue or worship style.


We are available at any time for questions, help, or service if needed. Since all of our instruments use industry-standard technologies and components, they can be serviced by any qualified pipe organ technician. Voicing of the digital ranks is achieved by a user-friendly UI that uses terms that any pipe organ builder would be able to comprehend.