The Plenum Organ Engine is a 21st century digital organ tone generation system tailored specifically for permanent installations with the goal of achieving the most accurate emulation of pipe organ sound.

The Physical Pipe Organ Made Digital

The pipe organ was man’s greatest technological achievement before the age of miniaturization began with the pocket watch. It takes up large amounts of space, it moves air, and its sound is multidirectional. Each of the thousands of tone producing components that make up an organ has its own unique sound, and never speaks exactly the same way each time it is activated. The Plenum Organ Engine attempts to replicate this with the highest fidelity. Our sampling and channel mapping methods provide an unmatched level of control over variation of tone within a stop and placement of where the sound originates from within a rank. The system can be used for standalone instruments or for digital additions to existing instruments (winded or electronic). Either way, each instrument built using the Plenum Organ Engine starts off as a blank sheet of paper. Plenum is privileged to have a team of concert organists, college organ department chairs and pipe organ industry professionals who can be called upon to provide their input in the design of an instrument to match your needs.

What Can It Do?

The following is a list of the major features of the Plenum Organ Engine:

  • Wind Simulation
  • Multiple Attack and Release Variations
  • Mechanical Sounds
  • Realistic Windchest Layouts
  • Intuitive Voicing Tools
  • Adjustable Tremulants
  • Support for Hybrid Pipe Ranks
  • Automatic Natural Tuning
  • Expression Box Dynamics Matching

What It Isn't

The Plenum Organ Engine never tries to exceed the physical limitations of a winded pipe organ. The system does not have support for features like multiple temperaments, artificial reverb, or multiple stoplists. These things would never be possible on a traditional organ. The goal of the engine is to give the user no indication they are playing a digital organ. Instead of adding these gimmicks, we prioritize quality of sound above all else.

The Science of Sound

The precise acoustical properties of the pipe organ are not usually taken into account when others design a digital instrument. Plenum is different. Our vast amount of research compiled from audio engineers and pipe organ industry professionals dictate best practices to achieve the highest quality sound. Our unique combination of carefully selected and calibrated audio equipment and sample processing techniques captures the nuances found only in the finest organ pipes and prevents distortion throughout the system during sample playback at all dynamic levels.