Faith Lutheran, Quincy


We have been happy to maintain the instrument at Faith Lutheran Church in Quincy MA since 2021. First asked to help complete some outstanding maintenance and tuning tasks, we were glad to then be asked to take on some larger projects.

The instrument began its life as Hook & Hastings Op. 2228 of 1909. It was a tracker with 9 ranks. In the 1950s, Martin Becker electrified the instrument using a new supply house console, new wind regulators, and additional unit pipework. Henri Lehaise and Sons were contracted in 1993 to modify the now 12-rank instrument which included the installation of a new combination action and some pipework changes.

By 2021, the instrument needed help. All chambers were excessively dirty, the console was failing, the swell motor was missing, and several things needed releathering. Over 3 years, Plenum Organ Company has been working to revive this instrument. Our work has focused on everything including the chambers, pipework, and console.

Work Completed Since 2021:

  • Cleaned, replastered, and painted all walls
  • Provided new lighting for safety and ease of maintenance
  • Installed new swell expression motor
  • Installed safety handles to aid in navigating the tight spaces
  • Cleaned all pipework and removed spilled paint splatters from past building renovation work
  • Provided new tuning slides to allow for more stable tuning and repaired any pipe damage from the old slides
  • Releathered Pedal 16' Bourdon
  • Installed (12) 16' Trombone pipes to extend the Great 8' Trumpet into the Pedal
  • Installed new Opus Two ICS combination action system
  • Re-designed the piston layout and provided more thumb and toe pistons
  • Installed new console equipment including lights, expression pedals, controls, and pedal key naturals
  • Re-designed the stoplist slightly to align the instrument with its Hook & Hastings roots

After -

Before -

Rebuilt console
Console before rebuilding
Great pipework
Great pipework
Swell pipework
Swell pipework
Pedal pipework
Pedal pipework
Swell enclosure
Swell enclosure