St. Patrick Church, Roxbury


The Geo. S. Hutchings organ at St. Patrick's is one of the oldest 3 manual organs in the United States. Having been almost completely unaltered (excepting a missing stop in the Swell), it stands today exactly as it was built in 1892. That being said, the 1892 work was itself a rebuild and enlarging of the previous 2-manual Hook & Hastings instrument.

Over time the organ fell into disrepair due to a lack of use, funding, and the extremely tight working conditions of the mechanism. By the 1970s the instrument was limping along and it had fallen completely silent by the 1990s. In 2001 through the efforts of a couple of dedicated local volunteers, it was made playable enough to demonstrate at the OHS conference but it fell silent again after that demonstration.

The instrument was unused until 2023 which is when we first interacted with it. Through much the same effort as the 2001 volunteers, we got the Great division playable, aided by the fact that the key action through the barker machine is simpler and more robust than the Swell or Choir key action. Having thus demonstrated that the organ still had life, we have begun a project to restore the full resources of the instrument through phased restoration of the console and pipework.

Great pipework looking to nave Swell pipework Barker machine Pedal pipework
Console Choir pipework Pedalboard detail