Reservior Church, Cambridge


The organ at Reservoir Church is one of the last remaining romantic-style Casavant organs in the Boston area. The instrument was built in 1923 when the church was operated as part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and was dedicated by Marcel Dupre during one of his multiple tours of the United States. The instrument played up until the parish closed in 1998 at which time it entered a state of dormancy while the building was transferred between multiple subsequent owners.

By 2015 the building had been purchased for a last time and named Reservoir Church. The organ, still dormant, had lost its electrical supply for the blower and rectifier as a result of building electrical system changes. The chambers were coated with plaster dust from construction, and several pipes from the choir division had been removed by an unknown party to be used in another unknown instrument elsewhere in the city.

This was the state in which we found the instrument in 2021. Since that time, we have been happy to work with the church to rediscover the value of the instrument and start to bring it out of its long phase of dormancy.

To date, we have undertaken the task of making the organ speak again by reconnecting the rectifier and providing a temporary blower to run the organ while the original is cleaned and repaired. The chambers have been vacuumed as much as possible without complete removal of the pipework and dead notes and ciphers have been addressed as much as possible. The instrument received its first tuning in over 20 years allowing it to be experienced in the new acoustic of the church post-renovation.

Work on this instrument is an ongoing process. Our efforts are to restore the original blower and the pipework a little bit at a time, as schedule and funding allow. Reservoir Church is optimistic and interested to see how the instrument may enhance their ministry and we are looking for additional ways to make the instrument available to the greater public in the future.

Console Great pipework Swell pipework
Blower room Choir pipework Pedal pipework